Hiring Based Credits

Outsource Hiring Credits Administration & Earn up
to $9.6k in Tax Credits per New Hire

Automate the process of handling the WOTC and location based incentives to increase efficiency and maximize credit yield.
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Pay Nothing Until
You Earn Credits

Eliminate financial risks with contingency-based fees.

Forget about Upfront Payments and Switch
to Contingency-Based Fees

Pay only once actual credits are secured on your company’s behalf.

Save money that you would otherwise spend of non-eligible candidates.

Eradicate all costs and turn WOTC into another stream of profit for your company.

Start Capturing Unclaimed WOTC Credits

Achieve real, tangible tax credit savings that go straight to your bottom line.

Do not allow the complexity of employment tax credit programs stop you from pursuing them.

Automate the process with an electronic solution that identifies tax credit eligible candidates, submits information on your behalf and calculates how much you can claim for each employee.

Embed electronic WOTC questionnaire into your company’s onboarding system, and put your mind at ease about the further procedure.

WOTC credits

Maximize your credit yield.

Free your staff to deal with other daily issues.

Meet all the regulations correctly and timely.


Outsource & Reduce Your
Time Investment

Your team does not have to work full time for your company to
receive all the tax credits it qualifies for. WOTC experts are dedicated to minimizing your work, and maximizing the credits.
Outsource WOTC administration and let us take care of processing necessary documentation on your behalf in a timely manner.
A team of specialists dedicated to your company keeps data organized, and follows up with the government on a regular basis to ensure your credits are approved.
Say goodbye to submitting requests to state agencies, taking care of supporting documents, correspondence, certifications and denials together with protection against any document loss.
Get the final information on how much you can claim based on employees’ target group, number of hours worked and their rate, without having to invest hours into each calculation.
Get storage, retention and tracking of each WOTC application for their full life cycle followed by complete transparency of the entire process.


Gain Substantial Savings with Electronic
WOTC Workflow

Experience minimal involvement and see significant budget improvements. Enable a seamless WOTC application process
for your applicants.

Merge 8850 And 9061 and
Prevent Complexity

Tired of filing and certification complications? Electronic WOTC
questionnaire combines two infamous forms into a hassle-free one.

Applicants access a straight-forward WOTC eligibility questionnaire via public link that is accessible from anywhere.

Demographic analysis and simple yes/no questions eliminate any possible dilemmas that new hires may have.

The system presents them with subsequent questions only if necessary.

Upon submission, the system automatically generates the list of necessary documents for the candidate.

Simplify The Process with
Electronic Signature

Take full advantage of automation resulting in
increased productivity.

Electronic WOTC questionnaire enables candidates to sign forms 8850 and 9061 electronically upon completion.

Eliminate the need to submit applications physically and shorten time required to complete the paperwork on candidates’ end.

Replace labor intensive and manual process with a system that requires no printing, no following administration and no tracking of physical paperwork.

Get Instant Notifications
About New Hires

Tracking candidate eligibility without a smart software can make a
full time job.
New hires, automated mails

Get informed about possible new hires through automated emails and save your precious time.

Candidate, WOTC

Whenever a candidate has a chance to qualify for WOTC, you will receive an email containing all information, including the claim value, and a link to submit any documentation our analysts may need to bring the process to an end.

Experience Functionality of Real-Time
and Dynamic Reporting

Check progress and see what is recovered for you each day.

The software allows you to see and understand account status on demand.

Login anytime and get access to credit calculations which are constantly reviewed, updated and checked for accuracy.

Review detailed reports about consolidated credits that you earned in real time.


Improve Your Bottom Line with
Location-Based Incentives

Improve identification of eligible employees with a geographic-based program evaluation.

Grow Your Business with Empowerment
Zone Program

Identify and administer state and federal location-based credits, including the Empowerment Zone Program. Take advantage of an incentive program that provides your business with financial stimulus to expand your activities into geographic areas in the need of revitalization.

Electronic WOTC questionnaire provides instant eligibility identification. Once applicants state they reside in a county that has any empowerment zones within it, the system immediately flags them as potential WOTC candidates.

WOTC analysts process this information right away and drastically increase your chances of meeting deadlines for submission.

Location-based credits


Put A Stop to Applicants’ Uneasiness &
Impress Your Potential Employees

Eliminate uncomfortable feelings from WOTC application process and inspire candidates to become part of your team.

A cumbersome WOTC leads to
unsatisfied applicants.

Give your candidates an opportunity to experience a user-friendly WOTC application.

Gather sensitive employee information with a straightforward process that eliminates repetition and redundant questions.

Pave the way for a seamless and efficient WOTC process and ensure a favorable lasting impression of your company.

WOTC targets individuals from many
social and economic groups.

Many applicants are dealing with sensitive issues and may not be too willing to share information.

Prevent any possible complications and ensure applicants are not bothered more than once.

Eliminate questions your new hires may find troublesome to answer, and encourage them to respond openly.


Empower Those Who Served
Our Nation

The government has made a point of introducing a variety of benefits and incentives for employers willing to take a chance on out-of-work veterans.

Benefit from VOW to Hire Heroes Act

Take advantage of a valuable incentive that WOTC provides you for hiring veterans.

The VOW to Hire Heroes Act provides you tax incentives of $2,400 to $9,600 for hiring veterans.

With unique skills they possess, veterans deserve to become reintegrated and productive members of society.

Help those who frequently find it hard to get hired. Strengthen your workforce with people who are trained for teamwork, leadership, diversity and efficient performance under pressure, and earn tax credits at the same time.

Veterans, hiring incentives
Civic contribution, workplace diversity

Make Civic Contribution to Your Community

Contribute to the US economy by helping target groups move from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Be an employer who incentivizes workplace diversity.

Give a hand to individuals who belong to economically disadvantaged segments of the population and are likely to experience undue prejudice when applying for a job.

Work with motivated employees who are eager to get off public assistance, earn a living and contribute to their communities.

Help those who are possibly economically disadvantaged, get enthusiastic new hires and obtain tax credits in return - it is a win-win situation.

Make WOTC Work for You with
The Right Partner

There are no bad WOTC candidates! With profitable company
and eagerness to hire people that fall within specific target
groups, you are an ideal employer.
Maximize your results with Emptech and get:
Maximum credit yield due to a detailed follow through and maximum attention to every detail
Easy to use electronic solution saves you a lot of time and effort
24/7 support from the Emptech team
Outsourcing that frees up your staff to work on other tasks
Transparent process which allows you to see and understand account status on demand
Excellent ROI at any size
No financial risk with contingency-based fees
Your Next Hire Can Be Worth
up to $9.600
Contact us today to learn how the paperless-driven
WOTC solution can help you eliminate lost tax credit
opportunities seen with virtually every other method.

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