UI Claims Management

Unemployment Claims Management During The Pandemic: Emptech’s Disaster Claims Assistance Program (DCAP)


Emptech's founder, Jeff Aleixo


Jeffrey Aleixo

Disaster Claims Assistance Program UI Benefits

As businesses respond to the challenges of the global pandemic, the impact on the workforce has become significant. The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused a massive increase in unemployment insurance claims, causing the claims volume to drive employers’ excess claims cost up until this crisis is over and employees can return to work. At a time when controlling expenses is critical to our clients, we at Emptech are committed to meeting this demand by ensuring claims are processed expeditiously, thus enabling timely payment of UI benefits.

Handling UI Claims During the Coronavirus Crisis

To be respectful of the Coronavirus pandemic crisis and the challenges our clients face, we have been working on providing financial relief to the impact of our clients’ excess claims processing cost. Another reason for creating the DCAP is based on feedback from our prospective clients stating that their vendors are not helping them in any way with their COVID disaster-related excess claims cost.

This is a complex task at a time when Emptech UI processing costs are even higher due to the need for additional staff and overtime costs that are required to process the unprecedented volumes of claims. Despite different challenges, the Account Services teamed together with Emptech management, establishing the DCAP. 

Disaster Claims Assistance Program Overview

The DCAP aims to cut clients’ disaster-related excess claims cost obligations by a specific amount all while spreading the remaining disaster-related excess claim processing fees evenly over 12 quarters. In addition, disaster-related excess claims invoicing was suspended until 7/1/2020 to further accommodate our clients. Upon reviewing clients’ potential disaster-related excess claims associated with COVID-19 and comparing the totals to the prior months, we are helping them review how they can benefit from the DCAP program.

The DCAP program requirements are:

  •  Clients need to remain current with their Emptech invoices,
  • Clients are requested to extend the agreement term to 12 quarters allowing Emptech to defer billing.

Clients participating receive the following benefits:

  • Emptech cuts the client’s COVID disaster-related claims cost by a specific percentage, depending on the client,
  • Emptech distributes the remaining cost evenly over 12 quarters.

As such, the DCAP is a big cost saving for every organization, and we at Emptech are excited to have the opportunity to make this offer for our clients during this uncertain time. An effective response to the Coronavirus pandemic requires all of us to come together and this is our way to express our gratitude to our loyal clients for their continued partnership.

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