Claims Administration, Compliance, Cost Control & State Information Data Exchange (SIDES)

It is essential that employers respond to state Unemployment Insurance (“UI”) claims in a timely and adequate manner.

New Federal UI Integrity rules created under Section 252 of the Trade Adjustment Extension Act of 2011 mandates that states apply stricter rules and clearer practices.  Employers failing to report in a consistent and proper manner may be deemed as establishing a “pattern of failure” at the state level which may result in financial penalties and the prohibition of non-charging on the employer’s UI Account.

To help assist employers in better managing their unemployment claims activity, many states participate in UI SIDES.  UI SIDES helps reduce some of the UI Claims related paperwork as well as improves the speed of information delivery associated with the initial claim.  For smaller employers or employers with limited claims activity, there is the “SIDES E-Response” system to help standardize and streamline communication with the agencies.

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For improved UI Compliance as well as UI Cost Control, many employers work with specialized Third Party Administrators (“TPAs”) who specialize in all the nuances of UI Claims Administration as well as may have technologies and systems to bring clarity and process improvement to the UI Claims area.

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