Emptech’s Benefit Charge Auditing

Benefit Charge Auditing

Effective benefit charge auditing ensures every possible dollar remains in your employer reserve accounts.

Our system is cross-checked by your Emptech claims analyst, as well as by an auditing specialist to ensure accuracy. If a state agency incorrectly charges our client, we will find that error, file a protest, and ensure a correction and refund- if it is in order. State error rates are currently estimated at between 10-15%.

Our system is a robust charge auditing system that automatically reviews more that 29 separate system comparatives to ensure that every dollar charged to our client account is examined and system cross-checked.

Below are a few of the most common areas in which errors occur and are protested:

    • Incorrect Application of a Benefit Decision
    • Potential Charging
    • Employer Share of Chargeability
    • Repeated Charges on Account
    • Absent Information Associated Charges