Recover UC Overpayments &
Take The UI Management
Burden off Your HR Team

A complete outsourced unemployment claims solution for both taxable & non-taxable unemployment programs.
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Unemployment claims management software, large size

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Eliminate UD 12% Error Factor
with Benefit Charge Auditing

Did you know that state error rates are currently estimated
at between 10-15%? Why, excuse us ̶- you shouldn’t pay for
mistakes that others make.

Step 1

Smart system automatically reviews more than 29 separate comparatives to ensure each charge to your account is examined, and that every possible dollar remains in your employer reserve accounts.

Step 2

Your Emptech claims analyst and an auditing specialist cross-check your system and audit all your benefit charge statements

Step 3

If a state agency incorrectly charges your company, we find that error, file a protest, and ensure a correction and refund - provided it is in order.

Step 4

Your Emptech team follows-up with state agencies to ensure proper credit is posted to your tax ​accounts.


Outsource Unemployment Claims Management
to A Specialized Team of Analysts

Your HR team does not have to allocate their precious
time to UC management anymore.

When you partner up with Emptech, an experienced team of analysts takes lead over the unemployment claims management system.

We conduct the entire process through termination, and help you unload the administration burden off your HR team.

Your company has to do nothing but provide relevant unemployment information, and leave everything else to us.

Get Rid of Paperwork

Make a high impact on time-effectiveness of your administration team.

You are able to browse and find any specific document in a matter of seconds.

Keep your files safe and sound on an electronic platform with secured data storage.

See all documentation we have prepared during the process in real time.

Error-free claim responses

Send Error-Free Claim Responses

An inadvertent human error comes at a cost of a lost claim.

Users cannot reply to a claim until all inputted data is correct.
The smart electronic system knows thousands of data combinations
and understands what a state agency needs, ensuring all relevant information
is provided right away.

Attach Supporting Documents Easily

No need to browse through rule book.

Users are able to attach supporting documentation, such as disciplinary
termination, directly through the system - while the system recognizes
which documentation is necessary, and requires attachment of relevant
files only.

Supporting documents
No missed deadlines

Never Miss A Deadline

Respecting deadlines increases your company’s compliance rates.

The smart system recognizes and highlights claims with due dates approaching.

It highlights those claims to bring them to your attention, and automatically prioritizes their responses.

Get Real-Time Reports at Any Given Moment

Use reporting features to ease and support ongoing analysis and
process improvement. Drive program compliance up, and benefit
charge and tax costs down.

Get real-time global and segmented reports detailing:

Increase Unemployment Claims Compliance Rate

High compliance rate improve your company’s performance within a
merit based system.

Charges access

Access all charges in a matter of seconds and filter the ones you are looking to examine.

Unresolved charges

Process unresolved charges, or add new charges to your secure data storage system.

Charges and protest responses, one system

Whether we protest charges or prepare protest responses - it is all in one system for efficient processing, saving you time and improving your outcomes.


Improve Your Claims
Win Ratio

The higher your claim win ratio, the lower your unemployment
tax rates.

Handle More Claims without A Hearing

There are times when you can avoid a hearing. Use them to your
own advantage.

Our highly trained claims analysts work with you to provide the best course of action and to process claims. The frontloading system ensures maximum precision within claim responses.

In most states, your Emptech team has the ability to receive UI claims directly, which improves compliance and the overall handling of your UI claims. ​You can always rely on timely and detailed responses to state inquiries.

We establish AOR to direct agency communication to either our West Coast or East Coast based operation centers to help ensure the quickest receipt of time-sensitive claims information.

Save Time with Pre-Populated
Hearing Requests

And then there are times when you cannot avoid hearing - but you can still handle them efficiently.

Your analysts create and send hearing requests in a matter of minutes using the electronic platform.

The smart software pre-populates form fields with known information, leaving significantly less manual work to users.

Proofread, and move on.

Receive Complete UI
Hearing Representation

Do not give up on claims hearings due to the time exhaustive nature of the process. Your company deserves a budget-friendly solution.

A team of experts dedicated to your company will provide detailed board-level appeals in legal brief format.

Your in-house client counsel can consult with the team whenever they need to do so.

Our analysts thoroughly examine whether attendance is recommended on every case that has potential for an appeal to a claims hearing.

Make Attendance Worth Your While

It is cost-efficient to weigh your chances before making
a decision.
We consider several key factors that make your case relevant:
Who and what type of witnesses are available for the case
What is their level of experience
What the jurisdiction is and what potential there is for litigation in the process
Once these key case elements have been reviewed, and the
case is properly prepared, together we will determine whether
attendance is necessary.
You will have administrative assistance at your disposal
regarding all hearing documentation.


Grow Your Team’s Expertise

What can minimize costly employer benefit charge activity stemming
from claims and hearings?
Making sure your team is well aware and highly informed upon
all unemployment claims processes, issues, updates, and trained
to handle UC related situations effortlessly.
Unemployment insurance, integrity trainings

Help your team develop their skills through detailed, state-by-state trainings on Unemployment Insurance Integrity compliance.

Customized trainings

Gain field expertise through a customized training based on client industry and needs.

Location specific trainings

For greater precision, choose a location specific training.

Make Use of Training Tools

Maximize learning benefits of your HR team.
Let Emptech provide training on key UI administration subject areas. The
following are just a few modules your team will have access to:

Base Period


Controlling UI Costs for Managers


Documenting Discipline


First Time at A Hearing… Let’s Review!


General Personnel Practices: Do’s & Don’ts




UC Hearing Preparation


What Unsatisfactory Performance Really Means?


The Importance of The Probationary Period

Your team will have consistent support of our relationship
managers, who will pinpoint areas of improvement to constantly
bring program awareness and effectiveness to higher levels.


Lower UC Management Costs of Your
Nonprofit Organization

Spend less on unemployment claims management, and more on
fighting for your cause.

Enjoy Comprehensive UCM Solution
as Nonprofit Employer

Avoid the high cost of participating in the burdensome state
unemployment tax systems.

A bonded service solution lowers your costs, and provides your organization with budgetary certainty. Your contribution is based on your own individual unemployment claims and charge activity.

To offer you this comprehensive risk management & administration program for UI cost control, we have partnered with First Nonprofit Insurance Company.

Upon reviewing your benefit history, your Emptech team will develop a program which provides significant unemployment cost savings.

To ensure the lowest possible ongoing claims cost, we will manage ALL your unemployment claims, as well as reimburse the state for your unemployment benefits through the terms of the bonded services agreement.

UCM solution, nonprofit employers

Save Your Funds for Your
Primary Mission

You’ll enjoy following benefits of bonded service as an excellent
unemployment alternative for 501(c)(3) employers:
Better utilization of funding
Loss control reporting
No unknown fluctuation of quarterly benefit charges
Education and training
Financial security and certainty
Placement of state-mandated bond (where required)
Fixed costs, facilitating more accurate budgeting and business planning
Multi-year terms and coverage options available, including favorable experience refunds
Professional unemployment claims and hearings administration
Savings of up to 50%; leaving more funds available for other programs and services

Over the years, Emptech has efficiently and successfully administered our unemployment claims program, and has served as a trusted advisor for our employment tax matters.

David Landsberg
Chief Financial Officer,
Panda Restaurant Group

I want to thank Emptech for exceeding our expectations for HR and Unemployment Cost Management areas of administration. Your understanding of the unemployment process in claims and hearings administration coupled with the team’s deep understanding of the industry is exemplary…Now that we are experiencing your state of the art technology and some of the highest protest and favorable rates on unemployment claims, we know we are with the right firm.

Lisa Hughes
Director of Human Resources,
Berberian Enterprises, Inc. d.b.a. Jons Marketplace

Decrease Your Company’s Unemployment
Tax Rates in The Long Run
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