Trump Proposes Mandatory E-Verify Today



Jeff Aleixo


Monday, February 12, 2018

Today, President Donald Trump, through the Office of Management and Budget, released their proposed 2019 budget for the fiscal year 2019 which begins October 1st.

E-Verify Mandatory Nationwide

The proposal explains that $23 million will be invested to expand the E-Verify program for mandatory nationwide use. The $23 million is on top of the $208 million being requested for 300 additional ICE Special Agents, support staff and the infrastructure needed to carry out Homeland Security’s mission to ensure that only those with a legal right to work in the United States are employed. Per the proposal, the budget also has language to receive reimbursement of the $208 million from the application fees of those requesting immigration legally into the United States.

Information on the proposed nationwide use of mandatory E-Verify is still coming out of Washington. To keep up to date, follow our blog, email at info@emptech.com or call 800.518.3874.

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