Irma Murillo

Emptech’ s Account Servicing team is always willing to take the extra step in assisting our organization in navigating the complexities of state laws and statutes when it relates to Unemployment Claims Management. With their knowledge and ability to act as the liaison between our HR team and State Adjudicators, we have a high level of confidence that our overall exposure and potential liability is being protected, particularity at the UI Appeals level.  Partnering with Emptech has relieved our Human Resources team and allowed them to better focus on in-house tasks directly related to our employees.

Cynthia Stein

“I thought it important to relay to you in writing how pleased we are with the decision to change providers for the handling of our Unemployment Cost Management (UCM) program. Prior to engaging Emptech for our UCM program we were utilizing a very large, other third party administrator. Our need to find a more effective vendor was driven by what had become an impersonal level of customer service, a lack of communication, and a reactive approach to our claims administration…We are confident that in Emptech we have found a valuable business partner who will assist us in our growth.”

Miriam Shakter

“I wanted to let you know how pleased we are with our Unemployment Cost Management Program since Emptech took over our account last year. Because of the unemployment industry consolidation in recent years, [we] wound up with a very large third party administrator for UI claims management prior to utilizing your services. Their service levels did not meet the same expectations that we have for our own clients…We are delighted with the transparency, superior tools, the functionality, and the depth of thoroughness your company has provided to our medical group.”

Gerry Blunt

“As the former Senior Director of Payables & Disbursements at Yahoo, I used Emptech for their tax credits and consulting services. I found them to be a very trusted consultant and advisor. Emptech successfully provided retrospective research and refund recovery, M&A compliance reporting and tax planning, and technical tax problem solving. They saved many hours of my time and provided those services quickly and successfully. I greatly appreciated their expertise as well as their strong customer focus.”

John Margozewitz

“Emptech is a great and skilled partner with whom I closely worked with for close to a decade while at Oracle. Emptech guided us on close to 100 acquisitions as well as resolved a wide range of employment tax and payroll tax related issues & opportunities. Beyond providing us M&A compliance and high quality customer service, they helped our organization save $ millions!”

Marc Yassinger

“Although we were engaging the services of large accounting firms on an ad-hoc basis…Emptech still found widespread and material savings that were not previously identified…because of Emptech’s level of experience and attention to detail, we have confidence that this important area of taxation receives sufficient attention. As a result, Platinum and our portfolio companies are using fewer resources to manage this area while meeting compliance needs and minimizing employment taxation.”

David Landsberg

“Over the years, Emptech has efficiently and successfully administered our unemployment claims program, and has served as a trusted advisor for our employment tax matters.”