Emptech Tax Services SUI Tax PAK

State Unemployment Insurance (SUI) Tax Services

Emptech’s SUI Tax Service PAK is our comprehensive SUI tax program designed to provide the recurring tax services necessary to ensure ongoing SUI tax optimization.

It helps to have Emptech keep a careful eye on the ever-changing SUI tax landscape, and to evaluate how the many changes and developments across the nation may impact or benefit your organization’s employment tax burden.

Our SUI Tax Service PAK includes the following program components:

SUI Tax Rate Verification: Emptech verifies the accuracy of clients’ SUI tax rate notices. This modeling re-creates the rating and ratio calculations to ensure accuracy of state-issued SUI tax rates. Emptech protests inaccurate rates and pursues correct ratings with the appropriate agencies on the client’s behalf within the time limits established for each jurisdiction.

Voluntary Contributions: Emptech reviews and recommends any favorable voluntary contribution opportunities within the allowable time periods established for each applicable jurisdiction. Currently there are 27 states that have voluntary contribution provisions in their UI tax codes.

Joint Accounts: Emptech performs joint account rating analysis where multiple legal entities would qualify for a joint account ruling. Emptech assesses and determines if joint account rating should be pursued in the best interest of an employer’s long term strategy. If determined to be beneficial with the client, Emptech files all the necessary paperwork and follows up to ensure joint accounts are established within the time limits set forth in each state’s UI tax code.

Divestitures: When clients contemplate the sale of a business unit, Emptech evaluates the potential leverage value of any beneficial SUI tax experience. Emptech quantifies the benefit to the prospective buyer and assists in determining a beneficial strategy to optimize this event for our client.

Budgetary Planning: Whether down-sizing, expanding or in a period of “status quo” as to organizational change, Emptech can project rates for our clients in advance to assist in the budgeting process. Our analysis considers client events and circumstances as well as any pending or foreseen statute changes that might impact an employer’s rating. If a client is nearing the end of a statute period for new start rate, Emptech can review and trend the client’s experience and project rates for budgeting purposes going forward.

Employer Tax Correspondence Review: For SUI Tax Pak customers, Emptech builds a tax information database through the ongoing review of the federal FUTA reports, SUI quarterly tax reports, tax rate notices and other reports and correspondence. This up-to-date history helps Emptech remain ready to resolve outstanding employment tax issues and to respond to M&A or other specific events that may have employment tax and compliance-related implications. In addition, Emptech performs a review of all past transactions and events which may have given rise to unrecognized compliance issues, recovery opportunities stemming from past tax contributions, treatment of prior taxable wages, or utilization of past UI experience.

SUI Correspondence Resolution: Emptech provides clients with assistance in resolving levy and penalty assessments, penalty abatements, or any other agency-related matter. We help clients resolve issues quickly, thereby avoiding future liabilities and unnecessary administrative follow-up.

Employer New Registration Services: Emptech assists clients in the process of registering new entities with federal, state, and local tax agencies.

Optimization of Tax Structure and Planning Services: Emptech performs an annual review of each client’s unemployment account structure, identifying compliance issues and recommending the most beneficial unemployment tax structure available by federal and state law.

Effective Treatment of Data: Emptech acts as a director of data relative to SUI tax. Emptech will direct pertinent data and correspondence to the necessary internal and external parties to ensure client program optimization.

Annual Review of Payroll Accounts: Emptech will review and reconcile all SUI tax accounts for accuracy. Emptech will identify any account issues, and will recommend and implement corrective action or a recovery strategy, as appropriate.