Employment Tax Consulting Services

In companies today, ownership of employment tax is commonly fragmented across many job functions and departments; it also tends to be overlooked from a planning perspective. This typical structure during a transition event makes the potential for overpayment – or underpayment (a more serious issue in today’s rigid enforcement environment) – extremely high.

Over the years, the Emptech has worked on over 1,000 mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, and other events with changes of legal entity. Our employment tax work has helped our clients ensure compliance, while creating millions of dollars in savings for them and dramatically reducing their internal resource needs. All of our work is done in a proactive fashion as we remove the burden of the issue from the client and take ownership of the most effective and tax-optimized solution.

Plus, Emptech’s clients benefit from our web-based, 24/7 access to the latest available account documentation.


Our Employment Tax Consulting Services fall into 2 areas:

Mergers and Acquisition Consulting Services (“MACS”)

Our MACS program works with employers at the time of transaction / transition to ensure compliance,¬†federal and state (SUI)¬†tax optimization, liability control, and reduction of internal resource needs. This program is performed on a fixed-fee basis determined by the number of legal entities involved, type of transaction / transition, and employee migration plan. MACS is used on an ongoing basis by some of America’s most well-known corporate acquirers and financial sponsors.

Tax Advisory Consulting Services (“TASC”)

During the course of our transaction / transition work, we find areas of potential client exposure, potential process improvement, and/or address specific technical needs. Working on a fixed-fee or hourly basis, our team of employment tax experts provide a wide range of solutions to help ensure our clients’ compliance as well as tax optimization. TASC is often used to address issues such as audit representation, common paymaster, lived in/worked in, multi-state reporting, penalty abatement, process reviews, etc.

Please contact us for more information about how our Employment Tax Services may be able to generate savings for you.