HR Tools

Emptech’s HR Tools consist of online modules housed in our cloud-based platform. They have e-signature features and reside securely in an electronic file drawer system with email notifications to HR personnel. HR Tools include: performance plan and evaluation, leave of absence tools, exit interview, termination tools, and disciplinary tools.

  • Affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use.
  • Disciplinary and termination tools automatically integrate sophisticated rules engines and wizards, and can deliver significant savings compared to training in the field.
  • Supports coordination across HR activities that impact unemployment insurance liabilities, labor, and successful employee management.
  • Use HR Tools to strengthen your HR practices, reporting, and to improve compliance.

Emptech’s ATS streamlines the hiring process from job post to onboarding, and our HR Tools continues that smooth transition through to employee separation by seamlessly integrating other services on Emptech’s platform, including I-9 Verification and Unemployment Claims Management. If you choose to use those services, employee data can be easily carried over across the system. HR Tools can also be used as a stand-alone service.