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Provide a seamless recruiting experience to
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Recruiting & Onboarding

Provide Automated Recruiting &
Onboarding Processes for Your HR Team

Provide feedback whenever your staff and applicants need
it - without investing time to answer calls and reply to

Create Custom Jobs
in No Time

What is the point of using an ATS if it cannot fit all your needs?

Enjoy a seamless job creation set up through the job management page.

Customize job descriptions, job categories, job titles, salary, job types, shifts and travel options.

Save your custom-made job posts as templates, and reuse them as you see fit.

Job applications can be submitted online, or printed and mailed or faxed.

Allow Applicants To View Applications
in Process

Applicants experience frustration when uncertainty takes its time.

Your applicants can login and track the progress of their application.

Applicants will have insight into your recruiting steps, and will be able to follow closely each step of the process.

Automate Your
Feedback Processes

Proper communication is the key to building a team.

Set automated responses to let your applicants know that you received their application, and provide relevant information to keep them in the loop.

Choose between pre-made email templates or customize them according to your needs.

Set up triggered actions and the system will automatically send out desired emails to applicants to notify them about application receipt, interview invitation, or any other step of the process.

Keep Your Recruiting
Team Updated

The secret to getting stuff done timely is always being up to date.

Set up automated email notifications, and your team will be immediately notified upon actions taking place.

Let your recruiting team know they have action items awaiting, and keep them informed about the progress.

Process Electronic Onboarding when Hire Takes Place

Replace all the “first-day-at-work fuss” with a thorough employee orientation.

Simplify the onboarding process by switching to electronic processing.

New hires will be able to complete and sign all onboarding documentation electronically even prior to showing up at the office.

Leave more valuable time for orientation, and eliminate the exhausting processing of physical paperwork.

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Paperless Administration

Eliminate Manual Paperwork Administration

Save time and resources spent on paperwork. Eliminate
paper waste and give your contribution to keeping our planet
green and healthy.

Simplify Paperwork & Storage Management

Transition to electronic documentation management and ease
the administration process.

Upload all paper documents that your company uses during the recruiting process.
Easily add documentation to the corresponding job post.
Your applicants can download or complete and sign the documents electronically and submit them with their online application.
Store all documentation in one secure place and eliminate the need for physical paperwork.
Applicants can upload completed and signed documents within the software.
Your team can easily find and access all data in a matter of minutes by using the search feature.

Transition from Paper to Electronic
Applications Effortlessly

Do your part to save the planet.

Transition from paper to electronic applications effortlessly with the help of our team. We ensure all data you store is properly entered and secured within the platform.

Reduce the use of paper, eliminate manual, time-consuming paperwork processing, and save natural resources along the way.

Electronic applications

Legal Compliance

Increase Legal Compliance & Improve
Your Bottom Line

Conduct background checks, I-9 administration, and hiring credits applications within the software.

Earn Tax Credits with A Built-In WOTC Questionnaire

Empowering economically disadvantaged groups can bring profit to
your company.

Earn up to $9,600 in tax credits per each new hire if they qualify for Work
Opportunity Tax Credit.

The onboarding system contains a built-in WOTC questionnaire, designed to take your hires only a couple of minutes to complete.

The questionnaire shows only relevant questions, eliminates confusion, and combines complicated forms 8850 and 9061 into a hassle-free one.

Stay on Top of Your I-9 Administration

Make sure Section 1 of I-9 form is always timely completed.

Ensure compliant I-9 administration with a built-in I-9 Section 1 questionnaire for new hires.

The electronic smart I-9 form is crafted to eliminate clerical errors and is E-Verify compliant.

New hires will be able to access their portion of I-9 form through electronic onboarding process and fill it out before or on their first day on the job.

Reduce Time Spent on Conducting
Background Checks

How much time does your HR team spend conducting background
checks on potential hires? Too much may be the legitimate answer.

Use integrated background check, drug testing services and employee assessment tools to make it easy for candidates to submit background related information.

Simplify the process for managers as well: they can request a background check right from their dashboard.

Your recruiters can select pre-built packages, or make custom choices that will be performed on request.

Tracking & API

Track Due Dates & Connect with Your
Job Board

Always be on track when it comes to important dates, and license
and form renewals. Use API integration to easily connect software
with your internal platforms.

Track Important Training and Licensing
Dates with Date Tracker

Always know when the deadline is approaching.

Track important dates and always know when the license or training renewal of your hires is due. The software will send out a notice to remind relevant staff that an item on this agenda needs to be taken care of.

Date tracker
Customized API

Simple Setup with Customized API

In the digital era, it is essential to stay connected.

Use the customized API to easily connect the applicant tracking and onboarding system to your website and database.

The API will enable smooth connection with your job board and ensure every job you post is automatically published on your company’s website, and return applicant information back to the system.

Excel in Employee Retention & Keep Up
with Contemporary Hiring Standards
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