Talent Management API Ver3 Notice


Emptech's founder, Jeff Aleixo


Jeff Aleixo

API Updated on 11/12/2015

We have updated the API documentation at

Changes are list below:

ApplyURL : Full URL to the Job Applincation form. This field is dynamic.
Possible Usage: <a href=”jsonObj.ApplyURL”>Apply Now</a>
** ApplyURL field is dynamic and will change as the API matures **

PostedDate: Standard Date format (mm/dd/yyyy)

ExpiredDate: Standard Date format (mm/dd/yyyy)

JobsByFacilityUrl : Display list of jobs filter by facility/location code
Possible Usage: <a href=”jsonObj.JobsByFacilityUrl”>Show jobs for Santa Monica location</a>

JobDetailUrl : Display Job detail
Possible Usage: <a href=”jsonObj.JobDetailUrl”>See details</a>