Emptech’s VOIE Solutions

Why Emptech for your Verification of Income & Employment needs?

Emptech is setting the standard in employment verification: our secure, reliable and fast job verification service is offered 24/7.

Our VOIE solution is powered by America’s leading automated employment and salary verification service provider, providing millions of employees with a variety of human resource services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Emptech’s VOIE is a database-driven service providing secure automated employment and salary verifications for employees of the largest employers.

The data comes directly from employers’ payroll systems, ensuring the highest possible accuracy. These verifications are needed to process mortgage, credit card and other loan applications, as well as to check references on job applicants, prospective tenants, and people applying for government-sponsored social service programs.

Emptech’s VOIE Program Features:

  • Delivers job verification information that organizations need for decision making
  • Uses only continually updated data from employers’ files
  • Provides verification via phone and website
  • Ensures reliability and security
  • Delivers exceptional value at no cost
  • Returns the following information to the verifying organization:
    • Social security number
    • Employment starting date
    • Employment ending-date; if appropriate
    • Job title
    • Annual salary, daily rate, or hourly rate as appropriate
    • Year to date wage or salary income for the current year and for the same periods of the last two years.

*Job data fields may be added changed or deleted in order to fit your company’s specific needs.