Emptech’s VOIE Customer Service

Verification of Income & Employment with Emptech

We regard the employers, employees and verifying organizations that use Emptech’s Verification Services as our valued customers. A customer relations manager will be assigned to each participating employer to ensure consistent service excellence. We will submit a quarterly report to all employers, which is designed to inform the employer of phone and online job verifications for their employees, as well as names of the verifying organizations when available.

There are five procedural options available for the verifier when using the VOIE program:

  1. Use online credit system via secure website 24/7.
  2. Use online prepaid account cards.
  3. Call for immediate verification 24/7.
  4. Call customer service 9AM to 7PM Eastern time.
  5. Mail-in verification request with a check for users with no phone or online access.