Emptech’s VOIE Services

Employment & Wage Verification Services (VOIE)

Enjoy exceptional user service at little or no cost to you as the employer. Our Verification of Income and Employment Solution is the optimal outsource solution to your requests for verification of employment and income (VOIE). With our efficient, automated and live operator, we free up your HR / Payroll team to focus on what they do best.

With the lowest program costs, advanced Emptech technology, security and the greatest program flexibility, Emptech’s Employment / Wage Verification Services offer a practical, cost-effective solution to a tedious area of employee administration.

Effective utilization of limited internal resources is critical in today’s demanding business environment. Outsourcing the verification of income and employment process is an easy decision. Choosing a wage verification service that is right for your organization is a crucial part of this process.

Emptech offers a solution designed to bring maximum ease of use to your employees and their third party users, while shifting all possible costs to third party users, not to you (our client) or your valuable employees. With the ability to verify by phone, fax and on-line, and release of data only with the express permission of your employees, Emptech’s Verification Services provide the best solution for your employment and salary verification needs.

Emptech’s Verification clients enjoy no set-up or record-retention fees, and the lowest governmental inquiry fee in the marketplace. Emptech delivers the latest technology with the  highest level of data security and privacy in the marketplace. Emptech also has the unique capability to customize data file formats to meet specific customer needs, and offers the shortest client set-up time in the industry.