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Income & Employment
at No Cost

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Eliminate Verification of Income
& Employment Costs

Shift the costs away from your company and your employees. Make time for your HR and Payroll teams to focus on what they do best, thanks to the efficient, automated online system.
Internal resources

Eliminate internal resources dedicated to employment verifications.

No fees

Enjoy no set-up or record-retention fees.

Lowest fees

Gain the lowest governmental inquiry fee in the marketplace.


Protect Your Employees
from Abuse

Do not let your employees worry about security breaches and safety of their private, highly sensitive data. Provide them with guaranteed security, and enhance their focus at work.

Enjoy The Highest Safety Measures
in The Marketplace

Give your employees the ability to verify online, and release their data only with their
express permission.


Your employees will have access to an easy-to-use online system, where they can review verifications processed on them, and see what specific information was pulled.

Your employees can opt in to receive email notifications every time lender plus a verification on them. This helps eliminate instances of identity theft.

Your employees can obtain one free history record each year on themselves as well.

Verifiers can obtain verification only once an employee provides them with a unique ID number.

As an employer, you have the ability to review all pulled verifications anytime, and notify your employee if you are ever promoted to believe a verifier may be notorious.

Ensure Maximum Data Security

No one likes their privacy endangered. Period.

Privacy and security of all information used for verification of
income & employment is our biggest priority.

All data is SSAE 16 or SAS 70
Type II certified.

Each of your employees will own an enhanced security code to deter unlawful obtaining of records.

We require Social Security number and personal identification number for entry, denying entry to all others.

Employers, employees and verifiers need a browser with 128-bit encryption to access VOIE system online.

The data is used for verification and employment only, and under no circumstances will we disclose, distribute, or resell data or information to third party creditors or marketing agencies for Emptech's monetary gain.


How Does It Work?

Your outsourced VOIE department takes care of ALL verification processes on your behalf.

Enjoy A Flawless Onboarding Process

We provide you with:

Secure data transfer and storage process.

The shortest client set-up time in the industry.

Data accuracy testing before job data becomes accessible

You can:

Use our secure platform to test its date for accuracy and integrity anytime during the testing period.

Customize data file formats to meet your specific needs

Your employees can:

Create an account

Retrieve employee verifications

Generate verification codes

Download verification guides to provide their verifiers with

Securely Store & Easily Access All Documentation

Imagine if one day you walked into your office, and all employee
secure data were safely stored in one place. You are now paperwork free.

Put the latest technology with the highest level of data security
and privacy in the marketplace to practice, and you may just wake
up to a day like this.

Employee file search feature

Find and access any employee file in seconds using the search feature.

Advanced search filters

Browse and review data easily with the help of advanced search filters.

Organized form fields

Submit new files through organized form fields.

Downloading files, electronic VOIE platform

Download and print any files directly from the electronic VOIE platform.

Clerical errors

Say Goodbye to Clerical Errors

Use electronic VOIE system to provide secure automated employment and salary verifications for your employees.

The data comes directly from employer's payroll systems, ensuring the highest possible accuracy. Help your employees conduct their own bureaucratic processes painlessly and efficiently.

The system is powered by America's leading automated employment and salary verification service provider, providing millions of employees with a variety of human resource services 24/7.

Sometimes You Play The Verifier Role

And it does not have to be a painful and expensive one.

In those cases where our client needs to pull a verification internally, we provide a free block of verification credits to make the process easier for our client administrators.

Think of all the time you have spent playing the seldom attractive role of a verifier. With Verifyfast, you can take all that pain away.

Verifier, client administrator
Consistent service, quarterly report, support team

What Remains on Your To-Do List?

Only what you are best at - to lead your team toward growth and success. Invest your time into opportunities that bring valuable ROI. Do not let administration take the main stage.

A customer relations manager will always be there to ensure consistent service excellence.

Each quarter, you will receive a quarterly report, which is designed to inform you of phone and online job verifications for your employees, as well as names of the verifying organizations when available.

You and your employees can rely on a dedicated support team that assists with any questions that may arise 24/7.


Outsource The Time-Consuming Verification Requests

Your team can now dedicate their time to core projects, not having to worry about answering verification requests.
With Verifyfast, the verifying party will reach out directly to us instead of your company for all verification request, regardless of method of contact - electronically, via phone/fax, or mail-in. Verifiers will not be able to perform a verification without the code provided by the employee.
Once the verifying organization provides correct authentication data, the system returns the following information to them:
Social security.
Employment starting date.
Employment ending-date - if appropriate
Job title.
Annual salary, daily rate, or hourly rate as appropriate.
Year to date wage or salary income for the current year and for the same periods of the last two years
The verifier will perform verifications easily and at a small cost.
The data feed captures up to one hundred pay types, and shows predecessor wages on verifications. Verifyfast uses only continually updated data from employers’ files.

Make It Simple for
Verifiers Too

Your company deserves an utmost respect on the market.
Verifiers can access verification of income and employment service and pull information their organization needs for decision making 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
They can always opt in for online access, phone call, or a mail-in verification request, as suits their momentary needs. In case of emergency, verifiers can call for immediate verification 24/7.
The verifying organization has the ability to add unlimited number of users per company, whereas each employee has their own account. All authorized members can quickly access all their pulled reports online anytime.
Verifiers enjoy the lowest cost per verification on the US marketplace. They can use online prepaid account cards and online credit system via secure website 24/7.
Verifiers, customer service
Customer service is there to help verifiers every day from 9AM to 7PM EST.

Get Rid of VOIE Costs While Protecting
Sensitive Employee Data
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