Emptech’s Integrated I-9/E-Verify Solution

For a Complete Compliance Solution


  • Emptech’s expertise and guidance.
  • Compliant, secure storage and document retrieval.
  • Cross-checks for new hire compliance through payroll data transfer and storage.
  • Online tools confirm program compliance and facilitate program oversight.
  • Electronic review of I-9s supports detection of potential errors.
  • Emptech’s Technology Platform features intuitive search, view & print options for stored I-9s.
  • Automatic notification of I-9 re-verifications.
  • Emptech technology minimizes audit occurrence.

Value to Employers

Emptech consolidates two key programs into one organized turn-key solution, increasing employer compliance and reducing the employer resources and intense training costs required by other I-9 / E-Verify program vendors.

Emptech’s Verification Solution Integrates I-9 Administration with E-Verify Compliance

  • Verifies employee status with the Department of Homeland Security and Social Security Administration.
  • E-Verify works directly with our electronic I-9 platform. By integrating E-Verify into our electronic I-9 solution, Verification Plus creates a complete compliant solution for our I-9 / E-Verify participating clients.
  • Emptech’s consultants are notified upon each I-9 new hire transaction, beginning the E-Verify process in real time.

Our commitment: Emptech is here to assist employers nationwide with electronic I-9 administration and E-Verify. We can help you navigate the complex compliance and administrative challenges in meeting objectives of these program requirements.