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eliminate up to $2.1k of potenial risk per
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Mistake-free workflow

Always Be One Step
ahead of A Mistake

The electronic I-9 system will always warn you of any
missing data or possible issues. Notice a mistake before
the ICE does.

Ensure Section 1 Is Always Timely Completed

Wouldn't you like to eliminate the pressure of timely I-9
administration and leave more time for employee orientation?

Use the electronic platform to create an I-9 form for each new employee. Using our smart I-9 form allows
users to confidently complete an I-9 virtually in a couple of minutes.

Section 1 prefill

Send a prefill link to each new hire where they can fill out Section 1 before they even walk into the office.


Navigate through Section 1 on your employees’ first day alongside other onboarding documents and have them complete Section 1 once their work contract officially begins.


Easily browse and find pending I-9s by using advanced search, and fill out Section 2 in a matter of minutes.

Never Make A Costly Mistake Again

How many times has a clerical error cost you precious resources?

All document numbers are strictly managed to numbers of characters ensuring the
proper document numbers are being used. Field validation provides the proper format
entry for each field, be it date, numeric, alpha, or alphanumeric.

I-9 mistakes
I-9 form

Never Get Lost within The Largest
Two Page Form in The World

Isn’t it inexplicably mysterious how such a short form becomes so
long once you start filling it out?

Each section is notably marked and thoroughly explained to eliminate any doubts you
may usually have during the process. The side menu on your display at all times helps
you track which stage of process you are at, and allows you to navigate through
sections easily.

Make Direct Edits & Continue Where You Left Off

And we’ll remember where that was for you! You have
more important things on your mind.

When important tasks interrupt your I-9 filing procedure, feel free to walk away. You can
continue where you left off upon your return. All information you input will be saved,
and you will be able to finalize your forms without any confusion.
You can always go back to review the form and find potential errors that could cost you
up to $2.1k per employee. Edit the selected parts of the I-9 form, instead of having to
fill out a whole new form.

I-9 edits
I-9 form, prepopulated fields

Save Time with Pre-Populated Fields

Tired of inputting the same information over and over again? Avoid
numerous clerical errors that cost you time and money.

Electronic I-9 system remembers previously inputted data and pre-populates those
fields automatically for you. All you need to do is proofread and move on.
Smart fields help you eliminate any arising dilemmas: only the fields relevant to you are
shown and required to fill out. This will help you prevent under-documentation and

Automatically Purge Expired Forms

Did you know that hefty I-9 fines can come from keeping
I-9s on file too long?

Do you have I-9s from employees who left your team more than a year ago? The electronic
I-9 solution has a built-in feature that automatically purges expired I-9 forms
once they meet their retention date.

Purged expired forms

Real time reporting

View Your Real-Time I-9 Health with
Dashboard Reporting

The time has come to put a seal on complicated paperwork
once and forever.

Get an overview of any missing or pending I-9 forms in your administration within your I-9 dashboard.

Be informed about the number of I-9 backloads.

Easily browse for any reports you need to see by using first name, last name, or last four SSN digits.

The I-9 dashboard sums up all important data points and historical trends in real-time through interactive graphics and concise metrics.


Missing I-9 reports feature allows you to search for and isolate missing I-9s and take action on them immediately.

Resume form completion, or notify your employees via email directly through the system if they need to fill out their part of the form.


Advanced search gives you visibility into all of the queries, allowing your managers to drill down to the specific location they are responsible for.

Organizing by location allows you to focus on exactly what you need to be concerned with, and nothing more.

You can download results in Excel, or in the form of the physical I-9s, depending on your level of access.

Never Miss An I-9 Re-Verification Deadline

Taking care of not missing any deadlines can be a full-time job itself.

Receive a timely re-verification notice in advance of the expiration date.


Simply follow the link that will take you to the re-verification section of our system.


Put in the new information and the system will update section 3 of I-9 form.


Our support will leave you with enough time to review, and if needed, edit existing data.


Once the re-verification is complete, no other follow up is necessary.


Enjoy Support of Your Personal
I-9 Analyst

Technology works seamlessly only when humans support it.
Personal I-9 analyst

That is why you will have your own I-9 analyst from the very first moment - and will be able to contact them via phone and email for any I-9 issues or dilemmas that may arise. Moreover, our analyst teams actively work on background checks and make sure that all information is properly processed and submitted in time.

You can also rely on our main support line staffed 7 am - 5:30 pm PST.

Seamless Onboarding Process

Transition from Paper to Electronic I-9s

There is no need to manage your I-9s in two ways. You can report
and search the backloaded I-9s just like the electronic I-9s.

Your designated Emptech analyst enters all your active I-9s by hand.

The analyst team thoroughly analyzes each I-9 for accuracy.

We report back any issues.

We store your I-9s electronically in the system.

We index the re-verification required documents expiration dates.

The system can now send you auto-reminders whenever a document needs to be re-verified due to expiration.

Our system highlights where compliance problems with an I-9 form could arise.

You can review compliance reports within the electronic I-9 system anytime.

Cross-check new hire data to ensure all I-9 forms are timely filled out.


Enjoy Full Integration & Compliance
with E-Verify Platform

E-Verify is currently mandated in 20 states, and may be obligatory
nationwide. Are you all set?

Manage E-Verify without Leaving The Software

Your electronic I-9 administration platform is fully integrated with E-Verify, enabling you to conduct the entire verification process within a single window.

Once you submit the new hire I-9 form, your Emptech analysts verify employee status with the Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration. We are immediately notified about each new hire submission, where from we instantly begin the E-Verify process in real time.

E-Verify compliant software
E-Verify updates

Be The First One To Know About E-Verify Updates

As a registered partner of USCIS, we are notified of any changes prior to the general public. Therefore, you will be notified as soon as changes are put into place to ensure immediate compliance.

Whether you globally participate in E-Verify or follow the state’s lead on compliance, Emptech can accommodate your organization.

Your team can dedicate their time and focus to core projects of your company, knowing that the entire I-9 verification process is being handled properly, timely, and in compliance with federal laws.


Outsource Tentative Non-Confirmation
Notices Management

Do you find DHS and SSA TNCs confusing and time-consuming?

Step 1

Upon receiving a TNC, your designated Emptech analyst will follow USCIS guidelines and personally reach out to you to advise how to follow these guidelines until the case is closed.

Step 2

We create and submit Further Action Notices (FANs) and other letters electronically on your behalf, and expedite cases until they are resolved.

Step 3

The electronic I-9 system integrated with the E-Verify platform allows you to bulk close the resolved cases - saving you hours of manual work.


Provide Maximum Protection for Your
Employees’ Data

Rest assured your company and employee data is protected
against any loss or corruption.

Enjoy The Highest Security Level in The Market

Rely on the highest document storage security routines in the industry to make sure all your company and employee data is efficiently secured. Through AWS-S3, we process all uploads and attachments via Lambda function to clear documents from any viruses that may be embedded in the document.

All documentation are version controlled with a complete history ensuring information is never lost or corrupted.

Document storage security

“I want to thank you for making my ever more complicated job easier. Everyone on your team has been great; great customer service, great resource, and great information. It is the difference between a dark moonless night (previous company) and a bright sunny day, YOU!”

Michele J. Higuera
Employee Services Consultant,
HealthCare Partners

“We recognize that the exemplary achievements to date are a direct result of your team’s steadfast dedication to making us feel like we are your only client. This is so critical in an operation like ours. We are dealing with the fast-paced changing environment of a retail grocery store chain where we have over 20 locations. Combining this good communication with the good results has convinced us that we have a valued partner that we are building a long lasting relationship with.”

Lisa Hughes
Director of Human Resources,
Berberian Enterprises, Inc. d.b.a. Jons Marketplace

Have An I-9 Audit Result
in Positive Outcomes
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