Outsource Exclusion Screening Processes & Eliminate Risk of Federal Fines of $50k-$600k

Save internal resources and maintain compliance with OIG, SAM and the states with an electronic exclusion screening solution for healthcare companies.
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Stay Compliant with OIG, SAM &
The States

Make sure your healthcare company is audit ready anytime.

Huge delays can occur in synchronization of the state lists with OIG and The SAM lists. The only way to ensure 100% compliance is to screen against all lists.

Screen against:

The exclusion lists of all states

The Office of Inspector General LEIE exclusion list including a Monthly Supplemental list

The System of Award Management exclusion list

Perform exclusion list cross-checks daily, monthly, or at any schedule that fits
your company’s needs.

Maintain Compliance with Corporate
Integrity Agreement

If your company has signed a Corporate Integrity Agreement with
Office of Inspector General, maintaining compliance is a crucial part
of settlement process.

Let us assist you with remaining compliant with OIG’s CIA. A team of specialists will always be by your side and carefully guide your company through the process. We can perform the following on your company’s behalf:

Screen at your schedule to restrict employment of ineligible individuals.

Ensure timely and correct reporting of overpayments, events, and legal proceedings to OIG.

Report to your company daily, weekly, monthly and annually -- as you see fit.


Put An End to Manual
Exclusion Screening

Save up to 400 working hours monthly per 1000 employees with automated searches.

Transition to Automated Exclusion Screening Process

Let us assist with automating data transfer. Eliminate the use of
spreadsheets and employee lists. Transition the compliance of this
area into a completely automated process, reducing errors and
departmental resources.

The system performs 90% of legwork in seconds.

Perform automatic screening of all your employees.

Enjoy manual screening of potential matches.

Get involved as you wish or do not do anything at all.

Benefit from The Most Advanced Detection Technology in The Market

Use technology that identifies exceptions, data anomalies and trends for your new hires and existing employees on the OIG LEIE and “Monthly Supplemental”, and GSA-SAM exclusion list databases.

Detection technology
Proprietary exclusion algorithms

Avoid Erroneous SSN Risks with Proprietary Exclusion Algorithms

Our exclusion detection technology returns algorithmic results that enable our analyst team to evaluate the likelihood of exclusion match, irrespective of whether the SSN actually matches in the database. We use this record review process to identify any individuals that may potentially be using erroneous SSN to mask exclusion identification.

Double-Check to Ensure Timely Reaction to All Exclusions

A team of analysts dedicated to your company performs secondary SSN searches on all exclusion lists to validate potential exclusion matches. Your HR representatives will receive an email notification immediately upon exclusion match identification, containing employee and exclusion detail, and further action recommendations.

Email notification, exclusion match

How It Works

Step 1

We retrieve all the lists from all the states, The GSA-SAM, and OIG every time they are updated.

Step 2

The system gathers all the exclusions, puts them into our database, and turns them into a searchable format.

Step 3

You provide us with a data file containing all your employees’ information needed to perform the screening, including full name, date of birth, and address.

Step 4

The system performs 1 to 1 comparison and finds and compares potential matches in seconds.

Step 5

The system will automatically run a comparison and determine if the exclusion matches a state, federal, or SAM list.

Step 6

Once potential matches have been identified, a team of analysts interpret data matches to catch potential exclusions that systems would otherwise miss.

Step 7

This human intervention on potential matches finds excluded parties that would otherwise go unidentified.

Step 8

The analysts add a potential match status to a screened employee.

Step 9

Your HR team is immediately notified upon any exclusion matches, ensuring timely reaction and federal compliance of your company.


Enjoy 24/7 Real-Time

Get real-time, online access to exclusion list history.

Get a detailed monthly screening report.

Reports are exported to PDF format for your convenience.

Access the software 24//7 to get real-time reports any time you need.

See potential matches in details: know full names, last checked/screened date, status, work location, and end result -- verified SSN non-match, and match against the state, OIG or SAM lists.

Run daily, weekly or monthly report to ensure compliance with Corporate Integrity Agreement.


Eliminate Concerns over New
Hires’ Eligibility

Screen potential hires instantly to eliminate risks of hiring an excluded individual and exposure from undetected current employees.
Exclusion search tool

Use an exclusion search tool to screen potential hires or a current employee individual. Find all up-to-date exclusions in one place instead of screening against separate lists of all states, OIG and SAM.

See previous screening history and notes if you screen an individual that is already in the system.


Save 16x More Comparing to
Other Providers

Take a cost-effective path to compliance, with savings driven by economies of scale.

Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Spend 16 times less money per exclusion check comparing to other providers.

Eliminate more than 1700 hours of monthly in-house exclusion screening work per 10000 employees.

Save hundreds of thousands dollars on a single monetary penalty due to hiring an excluded individual.


Leave No Room
for Errors

Adopt a solution that eliminates all risks and allows you to focus on growing your company.

Drastically reduce costs.

Stay audit ready.

Avoid fines and penalties.

Maintain compliance with OIG's Corporate Integrity Agreement.

Achieve 100% federal compliance.

Eliminate manual exclusion screening labor.

Eradicate erroneous SSN non-matches.

Perform checks as often as your company sees fit.

Enjoy personalized service of industry leading customer service.

Get fast, organized, and measurable results.

Access real-time reports 24/7.

Improve your bottom line.

Save Millions of Dollars in Monetary Penalties,
Screening Costs & Internal Resources
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100% compliance with the states, OIG, and GSA-SAM,
while drastically reducing costs and internal resources
dedicated to exclusion screening.

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