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and recover tax overpayments with the only employment tax succession software in the market.
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Reap The Benefits of The Only Employment
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Our unique software combined with a holistic approach enables:

The lowest cost
on the market


Run Payroll Properly on The First
Day of Payroll

Receive the necessary employment tax accounts timely through our partnerships with leading third party payers:
ADP, Ceridian, Ultipro and Paychex.
ID registration

Get an ID Before The First Day of Payroll

Make sure your new payroll account is all set before the due date. We initiate and conduct the procedure of new ID registration on your behalf. Following ID registration, a new payroll account will be opened on behalf of your new company.

Preventing non-disclosure penalties

Avoid Non-Disclosure Penalties

Ensure legal compliance and avoid felony offences on the officers. Escrow packages ensure every document is timely signed by the officer in charge and prevent non-disclosures of transactions.

Legal timelines

Meet Legal Timelines

Proper and timely reporting guarantees you meet timelines between the state, the payroll company and your own company. Get payroll up timely to avoid a 10% financial penalty for not meeting the deadline.

Payroll consulting

Benefit from Notice Response and Resolution

Get assistance with challenges surrounding state and local tax reporting, reciprocity, late deposit and out of balance notices, filings and amendments, penalty abatement, negative agency communication received, audit representation, account collection, levy notices, and other employment tax areas where expertise is required.

Outsource management of Payroll Tax Account registration
and succession reporting/disclosure for:

State Unemployment Insurance and State & Local Withholding Tax for new businesses

State Unemployment Insurance and State & Local Withholding Tax for new businesses as a result of a merger, acquisition, or reorganization

Existing payroll tax accounts after a merger, acquisition, or reorganization

Payroll tax accounts that have received negative agency communications

Change in control: a newly purchased or acquired company requiring agency notification of new owner information such as: new officers, legal address, etc.

Entity change: a change from Inc. to LLC address update, following agency notification of a change in legal or mailing address

Legal or DBA Name change: agency notification, legal name change, or DBA (Doing Business As)

Officer update: agency notification of new officers or removal of officers

Payroll Account Closures: closing of payroll tax accounts required to be performed in addition to an employer’s final payroll tax return

Zero tolerance issues

Avoid Zero Tolerance Issues

Eliminate problems that may arise from third party payers processing
constraints. Rely on our processing methodologies that meet all zero tolerance requirements
to ensure that payroll can be run timely surrounding a transactional event. Avoid possible
late filing penalties, and make sure that your ID number has been timely
provided to third party payers.


Manage and Build The Projects
Within The System

The software ensures all procedures are compliant and timely. Simply fill out the questionnaires, and we will further process the data and report back to you.
The system creates electronic forms that need to be filed and signed by your officer.
Complete the forms electronically to save your time and eliminate clerical errors.
Review the forms that need to be signed within the system: they are sorted by type for your convenience.
Download the forms that contain built-in filing instructions within the same document.
Bulk upload all signed forms and we will sort and virtualize them for you.
The signed documentation is available to our analysts immediately after your upload.
Form recognizing system

We Do Not Ask Twice

The system recognizes if a form has been filled out before. It shows
the history, changes made, and the user who provided information or made changes.
This approach saves time and ensures accuracy of information we provide to the
state agency.

Ensure Impeccable Tax Project Management

This is how our analysts manage the projects on your company’s behalf using our latest employment tax technology:

We input project details and set goals within the software.
We map the project in the system, including the relevant states and the types of taxes.
The system then creates the maps that show which taxes need to be reported where, alongside the due date.
The system only shows the tasks required based on the first stages of mapping, eliminating time spent on unnecessary tasks.
We add analysts to projects to allocate the work properly and ensure timely completion of tasks.

Be Time-Efficient with Change-Reactive System

If information is changed mid-project, the system recalculates everything and presents new statistics in real time. All the work performed will allocate itself toward the changes, eliminating time waste due to data reorientation.

Change-reactive system
Meeting submission deadlines

Never Miss A Submission Deadline

The system flags all the critical items in a project, marking them as the priority items that need to be done in an allocated timeline. It also shows how many hours need to be allocated to those items ensuring timely and successful project management.

Order New Projects in The System

You do not have to leave your office or even dial a number to order new registration projects. Choose the type of project you want us to finish on your company’s behalf and the system will send an automatic email noticing us about your order.

New registration projects


Make Reporting Easy with
An Automated System

All information found within the software is updated in real time. Rely on following features to ensure data accuracy and timely reporting.

Output Reports

See what had been done, what is still in process, or what is not started yet. Export reports in Excel for further reporting convenience.

Virtualized Information

Find all state agencies logins in one place within the software. Know which accounts we have logged into, or login to see the work that has been done.

Comprehensive Graphics

Rely on real time information within the reporting system. Reporting graphs show the percent of project completion, number of filed items, and items to be filed.

Trackable Filings

Review consumed, captured, and items filed to the agency. See who is working on items, and know which stage of process we are at - from submission to follow-up.


Remain Compliant in Separate Jurisdictions

We process registration paperwork correctly on your behalf and make sure all jurisdictions are coordinated through the various departments. All taxes are managed independently to eliminate triggering a non-compliance issue in any jurisdiction.

Let Us Deal With All Your Taxes

Most companies focus solely on SUI, whereas Emptech takes care of
other relevant taxes as well to ensure maximum compliance and
cost-effectiveness for your company.

  • Tax Advisory Services & Consulting
  • Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services
  • Statutory Account Review
  • Sit
  • Sui
  • Local Taxes
  • Property Tax
  • Sales & Use Taxes

Tax Advisory Services & Consulting

Take Employment Tax Succession to
Your Company’s Advantage

Join highly acquisitive firms, the top fortune 1000, mid cap and smaller employers that currently utilize Emptech for employment tax services.

Outsource management of:

Complex reporting initiatives originating from reorganizations and deconsolidations

Total acquisitions in stock and asset

Change in control (CIC)

Name changes

Type F reorganizations



Opt in for a Tax Advisory Services & Consulting program that drives compliance
and massive cost savings.

Let us assist you with designing a play book that leverages its predecessors filing activities and sets the tone for successful outcomes for the successor organization.
Limit unknown or undisclosed liabilities at the federal and state jurisdictional level with proper tax clearance reporting.
Ensure proper disclosure, deal definition and successful navigation of the varying agency treatments from state to state.
On your company’s behalf, we draft meaningful transmittals, manage residual payments, proper timing on closing out accounts and maximize reporting rights.
Minimize negative agency communication due to incomplete agency processing with proper follow up processes.

Emptech can assist your company with Tax Advisory Services & Consulting in the following areas:

Amendment write-offs

Protective Refund Claims (such as for FICA SUB Pay)

Audit representation

Tax clearance and good standing (Dept. Rev, Dept. Finance, Dept. of Labor)

Common Pay Master, Common Pay Agent

Executive compensation

Inpat / expat compliance and reporting

Jurisdictional tax filing compliance

Lived in / worked in

Local tax administration consulting

Multi-state taxation


Payroll tax reconciliation projects

Penalty abatement surrounding late deposit and escalation penalties

Qualified / non-qualified stock plans reciprocity

Tax refund and savings initiatives

Unity of Enterprise

W2 compliance consultation

W2 940, 941, W2 filing and reconciliation

409A Rules and Reporting

501 (c) 3 – merit rating vs. direct reimbursement



Proactively Manage M&A Employment
Tax Issues

Enjoy a smooth and efficient employment tax & payroll transition, relieved of internal management and administrative burden — and benefit from a strategic platform which minimizes tax and maximizes compliance.

Focus on compliance, tax optimization, and reducing resource needs.

Here is how our Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services program ensures compliance and efficiency of your company:

We perform due diligence reviews prior to acquisition to determine any predecessor liabilities or potential employment tax exposures not disclosed or reflected in the target company’s financial records.

For employee migrations (whether M&A-based or otherwise), we conduct a thorough state-by-state analysis, identify relevant legal statutes, review “common control” issues and tax impacts, determine effective employee migration treatment and reporting requirements, and file all required registration and status forms. In short, we oversee the migration from start to finish, ensuring optimal tax status and 100% compliance.

We work directly with predecessors to acquire the necessary data for an efficient transition.

We carefully assess the employee migration to take advantage of our client’s rights for optimal tax treatment while streamlining transitions, present and future.

Our best-practice protocol includes systematic execution of clearly defined milestones, framed by our client’s strategic needs.

As the “point people” for transitions, we draw together payroll, finance, human resources, and outside vendors with clear communication.

Where necessary, we can conduct a comprehensive vendor review, recommending the optimal mix of vendors for the client’s unique needs.

Pay The Fees with Refunds and Savings

Pricing for Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services is based on a fixed-fee determined by the number of legal entities involved, the number of state reporting points, event structure, and timing. Our fees are often subsidized, if not paid for in full, by the refunds and savings generated by our work.

Fixed and subsidized fees

Statutory Account Review

Recover Eligible Over-Payments & Increase Compliance with Contingency-Based Statutory Account Review Program

Generate refunds and future savings where allowable by statute,
while limiting potential penalties by identifying compliance

Let Us Conduct A Comprehensive Workflow on Your
Company’s Behalf

Employee migrations and related rights are subject to a complex
myriad of tax laws. We handle the comprehensive process on your

We engage the situation after the fact, within statutes, to perform a comprehensive historical review of tax accounts and identify areas of potential savings and non-compliance.
We use our in-depth knowledge of federal and state employment tax law — and our familiarity with the agencies involved — to interact with the taxing authorities for your company’s benefit.
As we work directly with our agency and payroll vendor counterparts, the time you need to invest into the project is typically limited to 1 – 3 hours over our 1 – 3 months research period.
Upon completion, you will receive an Executive Summary Exception Report defining all balancing and/or reporting issues on a legal entity/state/UI account/quarter-year basis.
Where applicable, we take responsibility of the recovery until the actual refund is provided to you!

Thrive on Financial & Compliance Benefits
of Our Statutory Account Review Program

Identify eligible recoveries triggered by historical M&A and prior employment tax account activity, still within statutes of limitations.

Uncover outstanding and potentially unrecognized compliance issues, and limit penalties and interest while maintaining compliance.

Conduct a Statutory Account Review review in the wake of an acquisition, merger, divestiture, IPO, other public or private sale of securities, or any other event where unrecognized or undisclosed liabilities or compliance issues could result in serious legal or financial exposure.

Prevent tax overpayment that results from commonly overlooked errors, such as incorrect reporting numbers or duplicate reporting.

Do not overlook employment tax rights that come along a change in corporate status to an LLC or LLP.

Statutory Account Review Is Not Exclusively Meant for Transitional Events or Transactions

The Statutory Account Review program is appropriate for any employer with 1000+ employees. Establish an employment tax health baseline for your company and recover overpayments through comprehensive overall employment tax account analysis.

Employment tax account analysis
Statutory account review

Why Emptech for Statutory Account Review?

Emptech has performed thousands of Statutory Account Review reviews, netted millions of dollars in employment tax refunds, determined areas of open reporting and compliance issues, and identified process improvements for our clients.


Save up to 50% in Billing & Always Know
What You Pay for

Enjoy the benefits of our automated billing system and consolidated budgeting. Know where each penny goes. Get more for less.

We charge up to 50% less than the regular price on the market.

The software automatically pulls billing reports, saving countless hours allocated to billing.

Enjoy the high transparency reports: see the cost per task, report or registration.


Bring Data Security
to Another Level

Keeping sensitive data in Excel files and storing it on computers is not the ideal definition of security.

All your data is stored in a secure cloud system protected by constant vulnerability scans and network monitoring. All our employees go through bi-annual security trainings in order to be able to proactively manage clients’ data security.

We will work with your company to ensure a customized security process that fits your needs through maturity assessments, secure communication, and impeccable procedures.

Secure cloud system
Recover Overpayments & Reduce Your Internal
Resources Dedicated to Tax Management
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