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Credits and Refunds for Employers

Emptech offers several different programs through which employers may be able to boost their bottom line and help offset rising employment tax expenses.

  • Hiring Credits including Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC), Veteran’s credits, and location-based incentives such as Empowerment Zone credits.
  • Statutory Account Review of your employment tax accounts, for retrospective research and recovery. Due to high error rates among over-worked state agencies, these reviews often identify over-payments and lost opportunities that favor the employer (and which, without action, will be lost to statute of limitations).
  • Corporate Asset and Unclaimed Property Recovery. Many common business transitions (including changes of name, address, d.b.a., M&A, and even clerical errors or staff turnover) can result in lost assets and property, without your being aware of the loss. There is currently over $40 billion in abandoned and unclaimed property being held by various government agencies. Emptech can help you locate and restore corporate assets that have been lost to you.