Vision Statement:

To provide and support best-of-class HR software solutions and consultative services to every human resource and payroll professional nationwide!

Mission Statement:

Emptech is a national company that develops and provides best-of-class administrative human resource software and consultative services supported by client dedicated subject matter experts, all designed for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use to employers of all sizes.

We carry out our mission through:

Our Operations

As a mid-sized company, we are agile, allowing us to make timely decisions without going through multiple management levels in order to make things happen. This has allowed us to create an environment that keeps us and our clients moving forward in a progressive manner. As a client-driven organization, we listen, we create and we deliver, based on your specific needs and goals.

Our Software

Our real-time administrative human resource software is efficient, reliable and easy to use—and that’s just for starters! With our ongoing customized programming, your organization is guaranteed the latest software and data modeling expertise on the market today. With our depth and breadth of compliance, your company’s security is in the best of hands. And, our programmers continue to find the most effective solutions to automate the most tedious, time-consuming tasks that up until now would have never been cost-effective. All of this combined is why Emptech is at the forefront of HR administrative software development, making us the market leader in the future of HR technologies!

Our Commitment

We employ a passionate, inquisitive and interested workforce of subject matter experts who enjoys going the extra mile when it comes to serving our clients. We employ both English and Spanish speaking individuals, who are well-educated and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.

Our Savings

Our software platform, coupled with our expert consultative services, prove to our clients every day, measurable corporate savings.