Corporate Overview:

Emptech (formerly ETS) has been driving compliance, creating employment tax savings, and providing verification solutions to leading Fortune 100 employers and smaller, market-defining companies across the nation for decades.

For all clients, we proceed with a “team model,” bringing together staff members with high-level experience in M&A, finance, administrative law, payroll administration, tax management, and HR to evaluate how we can bring improved compliance, greater tax optimization, and resource effectiveness in the related areas of unemployment claims management, employment tax, and I-9 / income & employment verifications.

Our experts bring a strategic, “real world” perspective to these key areas- allowing us to provide the greatest value to our clients while minimizing the impact on their valuable time. Rather than simply resolving “crisis” issues or improving processes on a short-term basis, we take ownership of each client’s situation as if it were our own, meticulously addressing issues and the circumstances from which they arise – thus providing both immediate and long-term strategic solutions.

The market niche we serve:

Making it easy

At Emptech, we serve HR and Payroll professionals in organizations of all sizes, who expect great products and services at a fair market price. The companies we serve are those that desire the maximum value for what they are paying; which is why our clients get more for less when they do business with us.

We serve companies that like making things easy on themselves, and that means having access to things like a user-friendly product with available ongoing support from a company that is located right here in the United States, with multiple offices around the country. We serve companies that like to receive the time and attention they need and deserve, so every time our clients place a call to Emptech they get to speak with a live person, starting with the receptionist. So in other words, with Emptech there are no lengthy call-waiting queues. If you like fast answers and people who care, then we are the company for you.

The Emptech Difference

Proof positive results.


Our experience has taught us that when going through the analysis process of onboarding a new client, that a high percentage of services from current in-house and outside vendor solutions did not result in the outcomes necessary to produce acceptable levels of program results. In some cases, we found that the prior technology was not the right fit for the organization. In other cases, we saw a lack of administrative knowledge in the subject area to achieve compliance. In other situations, it was due to newly hired positions going through a learning curve; and in other instances we saw there was a need for additional training—just to name a few.

At Emptech, we take full responsibility for the software and service we provide; therefore, we don’t expect your HR or Payroll staff to be compliance and legal experts. We know that’s not possible. We understand that new employees are always in the hiring loop; and we know that all staff requires ongoing support and training which is why Emptech has subject matter experts on staff who possess superb knowledge and expertise, so your staff can rest easy in their support.

With our best-in-class software, your organization’s transactional compliance and productivity rates are significantly improved in the first phase of onboarding, but that’s just the starting point. With Emptech, our subject matter experts provide oversight management with feedback for process improvement to ensure that your company is within accepted measured program compliance results. By flagging transactions that are not 100% compliant, our Emptech service teams assist our clients in achieving process improvement for thorough accuracy.

We are your watchdog.

Peace of mind

Through workflow studies, across numerous clients daily, we utilize workflow logs and human attention to detail, to flag any areas of non-compliance as they occur in real time. We then notify our clients so timely corrections can be made, keeping your organization compliant at all times and, thereby saving you costly auditing penalties.

The Emptech lab.

Ongoing research and development

We employ a team of experts who study, analyze and compile data, based on compliance laws, rules and regulations. While in The Lab, our workflow analysts monitor client workflows hourly. By studying how end-users interact with each component of our software or service, we are able to apply new intelligence based on client usability. When our workflow analysts identify a pattern of end-user behaviors, we adapt our software to mirror the intuitive human workflow behavior. When our workflow analysts identify an area of improvement for one client, it is then integrated into our software to ensure all our clients have up-to-the-minute, best-in-class software—making Emptech, the future of HR technologies!