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Emptech’s enterprise level solutions help you improve your company’s bottom line through transactional compliance and productivity rates.
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Decrease Time Allocated to
HR Administration

We are on a mission to provide you with best-of-class
administrative HR software and consultative services, and
help you save the most important resource of all: your time.

Our Services

Our enterprise level solutions bring you improved compliance, greater tax optimization, and resource effectiveness.

Electronic I-9 verification software, small size

Electronic I-9

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Employment tax services software, small size

Tax Services

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Hiring credits WOTC software, small size


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Exclusion screening software, small size


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Talent management onboarding software, small size

Talent Management and Onboarding

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Effortless Administration
is Our Vision

At Emptech, we firmly believe that each business nationwide deserves to handle
administration effortlessly. Companies like yours should get maximum value for what
they are paying.

No HR or Payroll professional should be expected to be a compliance and legal expert alone. They should take care of your people. That’s their superpower.

Providing unique solutions that allow your HR team to focus on your humans at work instead of focusing solely on compliance is the foundation of our mission.

We tie technology and human expertise together, and help companies like yours nurture and save your most important resources: time, people and money.

Compliance is a major part of Human Resources. Without a reliable electronic platform controlled by human experts, there is bound to be human error.

What Inspires Us?

Client favorable outcomes founded on best-of-class security, enhanced customer experience and technical expertise.

Our experience has taught us that a high percentage of services from current in-house and outside vendor solutions did not result in the outcomes necessary to produce acceptable levels of results.

In some cases, we found that the prior technology was not the right fit. In other cases, we saw a lack of administrative knowledge in the subject area to achieve compliance. Sometimes, it was due to newly hired positions going through a learning curve; and in other instances we saw there was a need for additional training—just to name a few.

The final outcome includes non-negligible financial fines due to unforeseen clerical errors, full-time dedication to administration, and significantly less time for reaching HR management goals.

Consequently, the time has come for that to change.

Company goals, security, expertise, customer service


User-Friendly HR &
Payroll Software

Automate your administration processes using a smart HR
software. Recover overpayments and increase compliance
with the only tax succession software available in the market.

Processes Only 100%
Compliant Documentation

Human Support

of Use

Technology Cannot Win without Human Expertise

Your company can ease administration processes with the use of technology. However, due to strict laws, complicated procedure, and strict civil penalties imposed upon employers, administration demands a human factor - expertise.

Our cloud based platform is strengthened by subject matter experts in M&A, finance, administrative law, payroll administration, tax management, and HR. They bring a strategic perspective, providing you with the greatest value, while minimizing the impact on your valuable time.

You can always expect a timely reaction, swift support, and thorough issue analysis.

Technology, human expertise
Advanced solutions, long-term performance

No Short-Term Solutions

Resolving “crisis” issues or improving processes on a short-term basis does not improve long-term performance.

We take ownership of your situation as if it were our own, meticulously addressing issues and the circumstances from which they arise – thus providing both immediate and long-term strategic solutions.

When you work with us, you have an entire team of experts by your side.


Your Employee Data
Is Safe with Us

Breaches and identity theft risks are not part of our business

All your data is supported by physically secure, fully redundant data center
location. Data centers are continuously staffed with regular site-inspection
rounds. They reflect geographic diversity to minimize risk to business

Biometric Security Access

Perimeter Detection Alarms

Video Surveillance

Unique Pin-Code Cabinet Access

Multiple ISPs / Carriers

Around-The-Clock Client Access


Get More for Less

Do not pay a dime unless you save a fortune.

Rely on our software and subject matter expertise to save your company a significant amount of money each financial year.

Eliminate all clerical errors, overpaid administration services, and in-house time invested in administration from your bottom line.

Each service has been optimized to provide you with precision, expertise, and timely solutions at a fair price.

Meet Our Founder

Emptech's founder, Jeff Aleixo

Jeffrey Aleixo,
CEO, President & Founder

Prior to forming Emptech (then ETS) in 1999, Jeffrey ran a successful $30M division of Nationwide Insurance. In over 25 years of employment tax experience, Jeffrey has developed compliance and tax optimization work for nearly 100 companies in the Fortune 1000.

Mr. Aleixo is a graduate of Syracuse University with a degree in Marketing Management. He is an avid fly fisherman, as well as an expert in classic sports car restoration. Jeffrey is a man who never settles for good - but fights for the best. He will eagerly reinvent the entire solution to make it suit your company’s needs and best interest.


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