Talent Management IFrame Support

Along with the Talent Management Api, EmpTech now offers an IFrame solution.

Below is the basic usage

< iframe src="https://public.emptech.com/JobBoard/{APIKey}">
Your browser does not support iframes.
< /iframe >

Options for Sorting Jobs

You now can add dynamic job sorting. After the src in your Iframe https://public.emptech.com/JobBoard/{APIKey} add ?sort={FieldToSort}

Example: https://public.emptech.com/JobBoard/8516892699cb4fbb81a141ddd5002b54?sort=FacilityTitle

You can you the following FieldToSort values

  • Title
  • FacilityTitle
  • PostedDate   (default sort)
  • ExpiredDate
  • FacilityState

Working example of EmpTech Talent Management IFrame