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Emptech provides enterprise level workforce management solutions complementing HR and payroll administration. Recover overpayments, improve compliance rates, decrease tax liability, and minimize internal resources dedicated to workforce management.

Our services
Electronic I-9 verification software, medium size
Electronic I-9 Verification

Your E-Verify Compliant
Complete I-9 Solution

Automate your I-9 verification procedure, and avoid $2.1k of potential fine risk per employee. Eliminate clerical errors, and unload the paperwork process off your HR team. Increase your I-9 compliance rate. Manage E-Verify directly within the software.

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Verification of income and employment software, medium size

Verification of Income and Employment

Eliminate Verification of Income and Employment Costs with A Secure Electronic Platform

Outsource verification of income and employment services at little to no cost at all! Eliminate internal resources dedicated to verification of income and employment. Turn to electronic solution to avoid complicated paperwork once and for all. Provide maximum security of your employee and company’s data.

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Employment tax services software, medium size

Employment Tax Services

Reap The Benefits of The Only
ETS Technology in The Market

Outsource management of Tax Advisory Services & Consulting, Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services and Statutory Account Review and capitalize on employment tax succession. Run payroll properly by the due date and eliminate potential fines. Ensure maximum compliance, reduce internal resources, and recover tax overpayments with the only employment tax succession software in the market.

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Unemployment claims management software, medium size

Unemployment Claims

Outsource Unemployment Claims
& Lower Your SUI Tax Rates

Outsource unemployment claims management and take the burden off your HR team. Recover UI overpayments, increase your compliance rate, and lower your unemployment tax costs. Work with experienced analysts who will manage your UI claims from submission to hearing. Enjoy the non-profit employers solution as well.

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Hiring credits WOTC software, medium size

Hiring Credits

Hire without Fear of Discrimination
& Improve Your Bottom Line

Take advantage of Work Opportunity Tax Credit and earn up to $9.6k in tax credits per employee. Outsource WOTC management for maximum efficiency. Pay only once actual credits are secured on your company’s behalf. Make use of electronic administration: conduct procedures timely and rely on real-time reports 24/7.

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Exclusion screening software, medium size

Exclusion Screening

Use Screening Technology to
Improve Compliance with OIG

Maintain compliance with the Office of Inspector General (OIG) exclusion lists. Save time and increase efficiency with reliable, automated OIG record identification. Avoid risk of fines and penalties. Get all this at a fraction of other providers’ costs — and a major savings compared to doing it in-house.

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Talent management onboarding software, medium size

Talent Management and Onboarding

Recruit The Most Desirable
Candidates in The Market

Use the electronic applicant tracking system to provide a seamless recruiting experience to both your applicants and your HR team. Manage applications, schedule interviews, and conduct background checks -- all within the same window. The system is fully customizable for your convenience.

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Our Clients
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Highly Secure

Ensure Maximum Security for Your
Company & Your Employees

Sensitive data protection is a top priority. Emptech stores
your data on a secure cloud system where nothing is left to case.

These features enhance data security and eliminate security risks:

Biometric Security Access

Perimeter Detection Alarms

Video Survelliance

Unique Pin-Code Cabinet Access

Multiple ISPs / Carriers

Around The Clock Client Access

We regularly conduct the following procedures to enable maximum security for your company:

Employee Training

Maturity Assessments

Vulnerability Scans

Network and Application Penetration Testing

Secure Communication

Policies and Procedure

Superior Software

Say Goodbye to Paperwork
Once and for All

We care about this planet we call our home. Transition to electronic administration
counts as your contribution to Mother Nature.


Automate administration processes and eliminate costs of manual labor. The system enables renewals, notifications, reminders, and more.

Real-time reports

Enjoy 24/7 access to the platform and rely on real-time reports whenever you login. Informative graphics give you information at a glance, while comprehensive reports are a click away.

Electronic forms

Keep your files neat and easily navigate through archive with electronic forms and e-signatures. Manage comprehensive projects without printing a single piece of paper.

Smart Forms

Eliminate clerical errors and increase compliance rates. Rely on smart forms that significantly reduce a possibility of a typo and do not allow misinformation inputs.

Seamless Transition

Effortlessly transition from paper to electronic administration. We enter all your paper documentation in the system by hand, ensuring impeccable synchronization with further work.

Deadline Orientation

Never miss a submission deadline again. The system knows when the due date is approaching, prioritizes files by deadline, and sends automatic due date reminders.


We partnered up with USCIS and numerous payroll partners to allow you to manage E-Verify, background checks, and tax administration without usage of other platforms.

Personalized Service

Get A Personalized Service Tailored to
Your Company’s Needs

Forget about waiting on the phone, delayed ticket feedback, and prolonged
processes. Our team makes sure you never feel neglected.

Always rely on immediate feedback, thorough issue analyses and
swift support. We take care of any situation as if it were our own -
and provide long-term strategic solutions for your company.

A team of subject Matter experts is always by your side, bringing you:

Improved compliance, advanced service

Improved Compliance

Personalized service, tax optimization

Greater Tax Optimization

Personalized service, resource effectiveness

Resource Effectivness

Advanced solution, cost savings

Massive Cost Savings


I want to thank you for making my ever more complicated job easier. Everyone on your team has been great; great customer service, great resource, and great information. It is the difference between a dark moonless night (previous company) and a bright sunny day, YOU!

Michele J. Higuera
Employee Services Consultant,
HealthCare Partners

We recognize that the exemplary achievements to date are a direct result of your team’s steadfast dedication to making us feel like we are your only client. This is so critical in an operation like ours. We are dealing.

Lisa Hughes
Director of Human Resources,
Berberian Enterprises, Inc. d.b.a. Jons Marketplace


Outsource Administration & Focus on
Growing Your Business

It is easy to pursue excellence and focus on your people when your HR team does
not have to worry about administration.

Reduce internal resources dedicated to legal and HR administration.

Let a team of experienced subject matter professionals lead administrative tasks to completion on your company’s behalf.

Enjoy minimum involvement in administrative issues - you will never be bothered unless when your presence is mandatory.

Increase compliance and eliminate fines due to audits, deadlines, and clerical errors.

Improve your bottom line with significant overpayment refunds, tax savings, and elimination of fines.

Outsource verification of income and employment, unemployment claims, management of Tax Advisory Services & Consulting, Merger & Acquisition Consulting Services, Statutory Account Review, SUI, and other taxes, and hiring credits management.

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